Tuesday, August 03, 2010

IPad contender for $35, no kidding

When I heard about it on Farid's GPS on Sunday I thought he was kidding. It was developed with the help of none other than my Alma Mater, the Indian Institute of Science. This is more like a tablet PC for mass distribution targeted to students. This definitely makes the American slogan of 'Every child a computer' possible for Indian children now.

I went surfing on the internet. This is what I found.
It runs on Solar Power gets a A++
Internet Browser
Linux OS with Linux based touch screen
Video Conferencing  OK
screen size 7" and 9"
Media Player OK
PDF reader OK
No hard disk but a SDisk (not sure)

It costs $35 but the Indian Government will subsidize half.

Indian Government says it can make it for $10
I am sure China will be shipping soon at $1.

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