Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Getting SQL Azure data on LightSwitch is easy

Jump start on Microsoft's latest RAD developmental tool - the Microsoft LightSwitch.It is still in Beta but looks very cool. You have data sources and screens. Hook them up and you are done. It has screens that are representative of most of the likely usage scenarios such as searching, point to parent and all the children show up, edit data, etc. You hardly need to write code for most of the common business use. In case you want to write code, you could. There are lot of events to which you can hook up code. I used VS 2010 Express and some coding is limited but I understand with a better VS versio you can do a lot more.

Before you do the big things get a head start knowing about this interface. Read this article and jump start on LightSwitch.

Start here and if you have a problem send me an email


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