Thursday, August 12, 2010

By far this is the best tool to learn WCF

Go no further, this is the best tool.

WCF short for Windows Communication Foundation, the latest Microsoft programming architecture has superseded earlier technologies like COM, DCOM, etc. WCF is the Microsoft programming model for building distributed applications for .NET. Visual Studio suite of products provides an easy to use interface for developing WCF applications. Using these IDEs a number of different types of WCF applications can be built.

Visual Studio 2008 SP1 makes it very easy to create WCF projects. The Visual Studio 2010 Express which is a free program can also be used similar to the way described in this article for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 .

This article describes the default template available in VS 2008 (also works the same in VS2010 Express) to create a WCF application and to understand the out of the box WCF development tools; namely the WCF Service Host and the WCF Test Client.

Along with modifying the service and service contract, publishing the service to the Internet Information Services is also described where in the local host is an IIS7 web server.

Get the best WCF experience out of VS2010 express and VS 2008 with this article

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