Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why Google Apps? Why not Microsofts Web Apps? and Behold the Dark Horse!

Come June 15, Google's Office Docs will be challenged by Microsoft's Web Applications (Word, Excel, Power Point and One Note) working off the web and Microsoft expects to make money from Ads. Microsoft will challenge Google and steal away the Google crowd while injecting new blood into its Window Live at the same time, the core behind the Microsoft web applications. Microsoft is already an undisputed leader in Enterprise Office. With this new offering Microsoft will have the best of both worlds, keep the cake while eating it.
But behold the dark horse! I was recently testing out the OpenOffice and came away vastly impressed. I wonder how Microsoft is planning to challenge this one.
All these happenings keep me wondering why does the CNBC's talking heads miss Microsoft's serious foray into the unknown open spaces and the cloud. In a recent Power Lunch (I think it was) after a recent Ballmer's speech the talk turned to Google, Apple and Microsoft. They heaped praise on Google and Apple and showed rather an embarrassing financial (earnings per share) comparison of Apple and Microsoft and completely ignored Microsoft's spending on its Cloud Platform, CDNs, Data centers etc. How did this happen with an untold number of Microsoft Evangelists milling around? May be Microsoft should change its game plan and become more visible on Wall Street.
Disclaimer: I am neither a Microsoft employee nor hold Microsoft stocks but just a concerned webizen (Web Citizen)


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