Sunday, January 31, 2010

Migrating a MySQL table using Oracle SQL Developer 1.5

Now that MySQL is joining the Oracle family, migration of MySQL to Oracle will be one of internal transfer. However this article written prior to recent developments describes the migration of MySQL to Oracle.

This article shows how you may use Oracle's most recent tool, the Oracle SQL Developer 1.5 to work with the MySQL database. An example of migrating a table in MySQL to Oracle 10G XE is described.

Migrating a MySQL table using Oracle SQL Developer 1.5

The Oracle SQL Developer Tool has steadily improved from its beginnings in version 1.1. The earlier versions are briefly explained here. The latest version, SQL Developer 1.5.4 released in March 2009 was described in this article.

The SQL Developer tool[(] bundle can be downloaded from Oracle's web site, Oracle Technology Products. When you unzip the bundle you are ready to start using this tool. You may get an even more recent version of this tool as it is continuously updated.

It is assumed that you have a MySQL Server that you can connect to and that you have the required credentials. The MySQL server used in developing this article was installed when the XAMPP bundle was installed. Reader will benefit by reading earlier MySQL articles 1, 2, 3 on the Packt site.

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