Saturday, September 19, 2009

My articles on Data Access Pages

Dynamic content is at the heart of successful presentation of enterprise information on the Internet. Without the ability to present data with user interaction, Internet based commerce will be ineffective. It is possible to create dynamic web pages with data from the enterprise by using several technologies, including MS Access. Why MS Access in these days and times? Well, many businesses still use them.

Data Access Pages, a client side technology, depends on DynamicHTML. It is DHTML data binding with ADO that makes Data Access Pages possible. If you are using MS Access and attempting to place your data on the web do yourself a favor by reviewing the following articles:

Data Access Pages: What they are and how to create one ?

Using Microsoft Script Editor for Data Access Pages

Scripting a Data Access Page: a Simple Example

Creating Data Access Pages from Scratch

Creating Data Access Pages with Charts using Office Web Components

 [compare these charts to those created by MS Chart Control in ASP.NET 3.5]


Robert said...

I really enjoyed your article. Data Access Pages are wonderful and remarkably stable and easy to deploy. I have produced them with a million records that render in less than a minute in a local enviroment. It's one of the smartest things Microsoft has ever done, but they want to kill them to promote Sharepoint. What a shame. I'm going to play with your approach. Thank God someone besides me things they are a good idea.

- Robert McCulloch, Econographics of Knoxville, Inc.

Jayaram Krishnaswamy said...

Thanks for the kind comment.

You may want to read another recent article, Protection Status