Friday, September 04, 2009

Do you want to generate a Microsoft Chart chart from your Linq Data?

LINQ, short for Language Integrated Query, provides an object oriented approach to not only querying relational databases but also any kind of source such as XML, Collection of objects, etc. LINQ to SQL provides (O/R) object-relational mapping and Visual Studio 2008 IDE provides a (O/R) designer. Visual Studio 2008 also has a web server control called LinqDataSource control. This control requires a DataContext which is provided by the LINQ-to-SQL classes, a class generator that maps SQL objects to the model. Without this control one may have to generate the classes from scratch or by using the SQLMetal.exe utility which generates tables and columns.

This article brought to you by PACKT PUBLISHING shows how a table on your SQL Server 2008 can be bound to a LinqDataSource Control and then use it as the source of data for the chart. Read on...

Binding MS Chart Control to LINQ Data Source Control

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