Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Get Dojo 1.3.1

Get the latest (best as some say) version of DOJO from the following site:

If you are wrapped up in web here are two other sources that you can src

Google CDN add,
<script src=""></script>

AOL distribution at:
<script src=""></script>

Have I tried them?
Yes with some funny results. It is probably got to do with them CSS.

I reference my previous article to illustrate what I found.

What I did was take out the reference to the dojo.xd.js from my file and use the Google and AOL CDN's. Here are the screen shots (graphics are full and unclipped) of what I saw got displayed. However the functionality of neither the accrodion nor the jquery's effect has not changed. The first one is from an Opera browser, the other two are form IE 8.0

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