Thursday, March 19, 2009

SuperPreview, a good web developer tool to have

Microsoft's SuperPreview (March 19 ) for IE is a nice tool to have. Developing web pages for multiple web browsers is a pain. This pain is real because often you need to have separate machines, since a new browser installaiton takes out an earlier version. Microsoft itself has so many versions besides the multitude of other versions for web and mobile, that a tool like this in a web shop will be more than a welcome addition.

You may download a beta version from here []. You can test how your web pages looks in several versions of IE (6,7,8) as well as Firefox and
Safari ( I did not see the Firefox and Safari in my download). Moreover this is will be part of the Expression Web. I suppose with this strategy Silverlight's cross-browser claims are verifiable at design time.

Well I downloaded and tried and it seems to have some bug (SuperBug!! kidding). I got this message even for the smallest html page 'Hello World' not to speak of a page from the internet ( "Insufficient memory to continue the execution of the program". I did not see a tiny blip on my Task Manager during the execution.

Anyway here are some screen shots from the installation and test.

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