Thursday, February 05, 2009

IE 8 RC1 is out - Check it out

Download the file [IE8-Windows XP-x86-ENU.exe (16.2 MB) from here:

IE8 download for Windows XP x86

After downloading just double click the exe file to start installing.

Here are some of the screen shots you will be seeing. I used a custom install of some features but the instructions are unambiguous.

Then you get to see the license terms. Then you will start installing in earnest.
Ofcourse I want to help Microsoft (no salaries for me to eb sure).

The Progress bar comes on
I enabled it.

I used Custom settings
The Goog is OK for now. May be Google Chrome or IE 8.
Wait and see how it works!
Of course I need this, don't you?
Ya, there is a bunch of old stuff
The installation is done. You are now cooking!

IE * Features (Fast & Easy as well as Safe & Secure)

Now begins the show.

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