Friday, November 07, 2008

Partial answer to an ASPNET forum question on Report Generation

The ASPNET forum user wanted to display the following using Reporting Services.

Well the answer found was to put the data into an XML Document and using Report Builder 2.0 you can fashion a Matrix report. This would give the report to look like the above but the 'Aggregation' part fails. The report generated (I have used only two rows, but it can be made towork for more) is shown in the next figure.
I am now looking at why aggregation failed.


Maitra said...

Sir, Have u got the solution other than this for given sample report?


Jayaram Krishnaswamy said...

May be you should resolve the data into two tables with a relationship.

Maitra said...

can we do using crystal report?

Jayaram Krishnaswamy said...

Probably it won't work

Maitra said...


Thanks for all reply.

Best Regards

vinoth kumar said...

how to print without using crystal report by clicking print button in web application Protection Status