Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The NetFlix's Silverlight Connection

With your regular membership fees to NetFlix you can watch most movies instantly and for this to happen you need to install a Netflix viewer to you browser. Well this is where the problem comes in. You try to down load the NF_Movie_Player_211.msi and play a movie, you get this error right away.

Then you make a couple of phone calls, harass the poor help desk guy at Netflix ( I did, I confess and I am ashamed) and he will say you can fix it and he may also say it is cross-browser. Well it is not and it hangs-up on FireFox. But he will ask you to execute the ResetDRM.exe in your Netflix folder in MyDOcuments.

Read this carefully

Next he will ask you reboot and you come back and voila it does not work.

Now he will ask you to agree to the upgrade by abandoning the WMA viewer and go for SilverLight. Netflix uses Silverlight 2.0 beta but works great. Hats off to Microsoft.

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