Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What can Report Builder 1.0 do?

Let me first of all say what it cannot do.

The scenario:

Report Builder 1.0 and Models created with Visual Studio 2.0/Report Manager [Enterprise Evaluation Copy] or Reports created with Visual Studio 2.0 based on the Models created in VS2008 and hosted on Report Server [SQL Server 2008 Enterprise EE].

#1. The Models created by VS2008/BIDS/Report Manager[Enterprise Evaluation Edition] can be accessed by Report Builder 1.0. Reports created in RB1.0 using the entities in the model accessed, cannot be processed. You get the following error:
MemoryStream length must be non-negative and less than 2^31 - 1 - origin.
Parameter name: offset
Remote GDI stream version: ?. Expected version: 11.0.1.

#2. Trying to open a report created in Visual Studio 2008 based on a Model created in Visual Studio 2008 cannot be opened in Report Builder 1.0 in the SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Evaluation Edition.
The error message for this is:

System.IO.StreamReader: The Report element was not found.

Note: The Open Report window in Report Builder 1.0 locates the report bt cannot open it. The above error is displayed.

I have not tested by trying to upload a Model/Report built using SQL Server 2005. May be it can.

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