Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some observations on the New Table or Matrix Wizard in Report Builder 2.0

It is an excellent tool that makes it easy to rapidly develop cross-tab like reports. However there are a few problems using it.

#1. It is not like what the Report Builder 2.0 documents says it is.

Copied from documentation

Copied from the Report Builder's Wizard

#2. You can only make a cross-tab report using this (of course you can edit the report later to make a Table report).

#3. Once you move a field into the three others (ROW GROUPS, COLUMN GROUPS, VALUES) you cannot remove it. You can however move it around the three.

#4. If you cancel this step you have to start the wizard all over again

#5. Even if you start with Insert | Table Wizard you end up with the same Arrange Fields page of the wizard.

This was my experience, What is yours?

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Troop 2078 said...

Hi, this arrange dialog and the wizard in general has been polished up in the final released version, now available


-Craig (MSFT)

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