Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Anywhere 11 Integration

On Installing the SQL Anywhere 11
Visual Studio 2008 Integration
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On Installing the SQL Anywhere 11

Register as a developer and get Panorama_windows_Beta (263 MB) from Sybase web site.

This one is pretty easy to install. I am sure the release edition will be as easy. Double click the downloaded file to kick off the installer. You see the Welcome Screen.

Click Next and get to see the License (Better read it). It looks like this is software has international exposure and widely used.
Accept the license and click Next. Verify Server licensing information and click Next.

Check out how much resource you have and accept the complete. Click Next.

Click on Install on Ready to Install Screen.
Installing SQL Anywhere 11 Progress screen shows up.
Hang around for a while till the process gets completed.
You are done!!

Nothing can be easier than this.
Now the fun begins. Go to Start |All Programs |SQL Anywhere 11 and you can see all the goodies you got.

Visual Studio 2008 Integration Features
If you have Microsoft Visual Studio Installed you can open and verify that hooks to integrate VS with SQL Anywhere is ready to go. You can get to Sybase Central (Management interface for the SQL Anywhere products you downloaded) as well as Interactive SQL where you can test your SQL skills. You need authentication which is Username: dba and Password: sql

You can also Browse using the SQL Anywhere Explorer from within VS 2005 (also VS2008).

If you are used to ODBC and adept at it go ahead and open the ODBC Manager and verify you have the correct driver.

You can learn a number of things about this database products following articles at this link:
Happy learning!

Breaking news!!
PS: As of this writing you can download a Developer's edition by registering at the Sybase site.

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