Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Installing SQL Server 2008 RTM

You must first uninstall the previous CTP's.

I had the Feb CTP and the June RC0.

I removed them from the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs.

The remove action in Add/Remove for the CTP's and the RC0 will pop-open the SQL Server 2008 Setup window.

After this you need to Select instance that you have installed.

Note: I had default instance of Feb2008 CTP and a named instance of RC0. Also I had SQL Express 9.0 and a bunch of shared components.

In the next window I chose all features to be removed as shown.
I removed the software completly.
I am presently trying to download an evaluation copy. I downloaded four copies (all are supposed to be evaluation copies) but all of them ask for a product key. I am trying to resolve this issue. Someone on the MSDN Forum suggesgted that I could use all zero's for the product key and it did'nt work.

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