Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SSIS 2005 and the building blocks

In working with SQL Server Integration Services it is very important to know the details of the various building blocks that the Visual Studio provides. A building is never built like a monolith. It is rather constructed using the building blocks. Even larger programs are built using reusable smaller programs.

Another important thing to know is how you visualize a building. A good architectural design needs a good knowledge of the materials it can use - the building blocks. Of course you need a good cement and aesthetically pleasing finishing touches. Visual Studio 2005 and now 2008 has all the necessary ingredients.

This article shows one architect's view of using the building blocks to accomplish a particular task and there could be other simpler and more elegant designs possible coming from more experienced and accomplished architects. Read on and see how the blocks are assembled.

I have described in some detail a large number of the building blocks in my book

You can get a real jump start by reading this book in a matter of under two weeks.

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