Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How to export query results from Oracle SQL Developer tool

You have run a query against the database in the Oracle SQL Developer tool. Now you want to export the results. This is how you can do it. The screen shows it all. First select all the data the rest is easy.


Nate said...

Excellent tip! Thanks!

kAlvaro said...

It's so obvious... Yet I could not figure out until I found your post via Google.

FatBill said...

Excellent and very simple. Thank you very much.

FatBill said...

Excellent and very simple. Thank you very much, you've save me some bandwidth with this tip.

Cassaro said...

I tried it but it doesn't work.
I do the following:

execute the query (with F9)
in the results, i click on select all
then I select export data-->XLS but it does nothing

does anyone has the same problem?

Nate said...

I've had problems with the most recent version. I'm currently running 1.5.1 Build MAIN-5440 without issue. You may want to revert and see if that makes a difference.

Cassaro said...

Like suggested by Jayaram Krishnaswamy in a private mail I tried the 1.5.4 and it worked!

Steenbergh said...

Program pauses for 10 mins (as it often does), then gives me the options to export to file or clipboard. When posting to the clipboard, only one string is shown when pasting it in Excl (java.io.Stringbuffer@)

Jayaram Krishnaswamy (mysorian) said...

Kindly check your software version as this may have a bearing. Please read the other related comments.


Jeralyn said...

How do i remove the "" when exporting the results to CSV??

Jeralyn said...

how do i remove the "" when exporting the query results to CSV.?

Prax said...

So easy, so obvious, I feel so dummy asking it :)

Thanks for the tip

Scott Carlson said...

FYI, Oracle has now changed this to a terribly named "unload"

Michael Simon said...

Unload... Really!!!! I've been ignoring that just because the name.

Thanks for the information!!!!

Gert-Jan van der Kamp said...

Thanks! Saves me the trouble of creating a table with the data first..

Joyarun said...

am having option to zip the export data in Toad . Is any such options are available in SQL developer..

STC Technologies said...

SQL Developer Data Modeler operates with and models metadata.[4] Prior to SQL Developer version 3, it constituted a separate (but integrated) free[5] counterpart of SQL Developer. As of SQL Developer version 3 modeling has become an integrated part of the overall tool.
STC Technologies

Swapnil said...

I ran a query in sql developer to see some data.
Now i want to extract the scripts written for inserting those data.
How can i extract those scripts?
Reply me on c2swapnil@gmail.com


Lee Thompson said...

If I have multiple query result tabs in sql developer how could I export them all to a single workbook

Jayaram Krishnaswamy said...

I will try to take a look after downloading the latest version. Right now I am somewhat busy.

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