Thursday, February 08, 2007

Links to my articles on Web Services

Here is a collection of my articles on web services that you may want to review:

Web Services and SOA will be future trends in business IT get a Jump start on them !!!

Web Service Calling with VB 6.0:

Calling a Web Service using VB6 with SOAP 3.0

Cold Fusion related:

Creating a VB.NET Client for a ColdFusion Web Service

Creating a Web Service with ColdFusion: the Basics

ColdFusion WS Consumer for a WS Created in VS2003

Using Web Matrix:

Creating a Web Service with Web Matrix

Consuming a Service Created with Web Matrix

On Web Services Enhancements 2.0:

Exploring the Pipeline Class Using Web Services Enhancements SP2

Exploring the Header in the WSE 2.0 SoapEnvelope Class

Exploring the SoapEnvelope Class in WSE2.0

Visual Studio .NET Client / Server:

Encoding/Decoding Web Service: Service Consumer

Encoding/Decoding Web Service: Web Service Provider

Client calling with Sun Java Studio Creator:

JSP Consumer for a Visual Studio Created Web Service Using Sun Java Studio Creator

Crystal Report as a service with VS 2003:

Publishing Crystal Report as a Web Service

Using Sybase Central:

Using SQL Anywhere Database with a Web Services Server

Using the Oracle 10G XE IDE:

Creating an Oracle Web Service Client for a Web Service Created in VS 2005

Using Microsoft Access 2003

MS Access Project Using Multiple Web Services

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