Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Global Warming and the wars

There were major wars and some are still in progress. Bombs get exploded day after day, bombs are dropped almost every day. How do these contribute to warming and poisoning of our atmosphere.

Who is going to pay for this damage?

Is there an estimate of how much these unfortunate, but inevitable conflicts contribute to global warming?

What do you think?


Mark said...

Some future generation's problem I guess? Each president is only focussed on the election in 4 years. Not beyond that.

L said...

It is funny how most major technological break throughs have resulted from defense funding; and technology seems like the next dimension of evolution.

I only wish everyone I mean everyone stops using these weapons

Mithun said...

Yea man, global warming is a proven fact, hot any hoax.
Scientific reports confirm that humanity is heating up the planet by loading the atmosphere with Green house gases like carbon dioxide. Here now is time to act and people are still not care about it! Global warming war is already happening. Try to make local people aware of the fact, contribute yourself as much as you can Protection Status