Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Why should I upgrade to Windows Vista?

Well really there is no necessity. I ran the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor and I can only see negative points.
I am running Windows Media Center Edition presently and I see no reason to upgrade for the following reasons although Microsoft recommends that my machine is Vista Ready (with several hidden threats).

Problems which needs my attention:
I need a HD Audio Driver otherwise I will loose audio
I have to make sure that my video card supports TV Output*
I have to have an approved TV tuner card
I need to upgrade my Video Card.-I don't care for the Windows Aero™ user experience
whatever it is.
*Frankly I hate to watchTV on my Computer

On the programs side:
J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 (Version will not work
Microsoft SQL Server VSS Writer does not work
Sonic MyDVD Plus does not work--What is it anyway?
Microsoft Works(version8.4.621) does not work(no pun intended)*
*By the way Microsoft Works which comes as a baggage on all the computers I ever bought is an uselss appendage. I have never used it and will never use it.

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