Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Who was G. W. M. Reynolds?

A master story teller

He was a contemporary of Charles Dickens but he lived as an exile in France. His exile had to do with his writings against the royalty. That is what my father told me a long time ago and my father has been living in Vaikunta for the past 33 years.

I read a large number of his books [encouraged by my father] and only recently I could find some information on them. I have given here a list of books I read, and enjoyed and urge the readers of my blog to check them out. These books are not easily available, probably extinct. The Superior Watch Company in Madras, India printed some of them many, many years ago on somewhat poor quality (state of the art) paper. They were available in the 60's in Madras's famous Moore Market. But now I cannot find them. Anyway here are some of his books with some information I got from:

Robert Macaire,” December 11, 1848.
Mary Price; or, The Memoirs of a Servant Girl,” November 1, 1851.
Joseph Wilmot; or, The Memoirs of a Man Servant,” July 29, 1853.
Rosa Lambert; or, The Memoirs of an Unfortunate Woman,” November 4, 1853.
Faust” was published by G. Vickers, 28, Holywell Street, February 13, 1847.
Ellen Percy; or, The Memoirs of an Actress,” January 10, 1855.
The Necromancer,” November 23, 1856.
Canonbury House,” December 5, 1869.
Mary Stuart: Queen of Scots,” September 3, 1860.
Pope Joan, The Female Pontiff,” May 3 [?], 1858.
I believe that it was in Faust I read about the conversation between the Devil and the
one who sold his soul to the Devil. It was very moving because the Devil admits that he gets often defeated by God and laments about it with great sorrow.

Vaikunta: The heavenly abode of Lord Vishnu and his consort Lakshmi. This is the destination for Sri Vaishnavas [those who believe in God Vishnu] when they leave this world.

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