Thursday, August 31, 2006

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Reading and Writing to files on the Intranet
Using ADO Record to Create and Navigate Intranet Files and Folders
Using ADO with SQL Native Client

Java & Web Services:

JSP Basics with Java Studio Creator 2 for VB Programmers
JSP consumer for a Visual Studio Created Web Service Using Sun Java Studio Creator

MS Access:
Data Access Pages accessing data on SQL Anywhere 10 Database

Visual Studio.NET and SQL 2005 Server:
Transferring a database using the SSIS Designer
Visual Studio Project using Oracle Developer Tools

Oracle 10G XE:

Importing a CSV text file into Oracle 10G Xe
Creating a table using Oracle 10G XE

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

End of August 2006 articles

Check out these new articles that went on line this week.

Connecting to SQL 2005 Server from the Java Studio Creator
Learn about connecting to SQL 2005 Server from the Java Studio Creator IDE, from one of the beta testers of the IDE. You'll also learn how to troubleshoot the connection, and more.

The Basics of Charting with the MS Chart Control
MS Chart Control 6.0 (OLEDB) is the MSChart20.ocx ActiveX control that you can use in VB 6.0 for creating charts. It is by no means an easy to use interface. This tutorial looks at some of the basic manipulations that you can do with this control. The next part will bidn i to ADO recordset.

Oracle 10G XE User Management 101
You don't have to be a full time dba to manage this powerful database. It's so intutive.

Friday, August 25, 2006

XML in SQL2000 Sever - An article in four parts

XML in SQL 2000 was supported by a slap-on, band-aid type of effort.

XML and the SQL 2000 Server, Part 1

XML and the SQL 2000 Server, Part 2

XML and the SQL 2000 Server part 3: XML Data with XPath Queries

XML and the SQL 2000 Server, Part 4: Introducing SqlXml 3.0

This frankenstein has been replaced by a more robust and an integrated support in SQL 2005 Server. Look out for articles on web enabling databases with web services.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Must read article on SSIS

This is a must read article if you are working with Microsoft SSIS

Building a SQL Server 2005 Integration Services Package Using Visual Studio 2005

Published: 24 Aug 2006
The article deals with copying a table on the Oracle 10G XE database to a MS SQL 2005 server by creating a Business Intelligence Project and the Integration Services installed template. This illustrated article may be useful for those who intend to use the Visual Studio 2005 for developing Integration Service Packages.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Camille Claudel... so, so movie

Camille Claudel
Stealing work of co-workers is not new and it is as old as the earth itself. This movie makes our heroine Camille Claudel from mere paranoia to madness inviting the people in the white coat take her away.

Did Rodin steal Camille Claudel's creative ideas? I cannot say for sure. But from what I have learned from my own life, I would go as far as to say that if an opportunity exists it is irresistible for the one with the name and power to take advantage of the less advantaged. This is a fact of life. If you don't believe me, just watch some of the TV commercials where the boss usurps the underling's idea.

The movie was passable. Adjani is beautiful and Depardieu is not so bulky.

This movie by Bruno Nuytten got a rating of 'R', hard to understand.
My rating [On a rating of 0 to 10]: 3

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Movies seen

Human Resources(French)

Who said there is no age and sex discrimination in any of our contemporary societies?
This is a country agnostic, but quite transparent fact of our life. However, the laws of the lands seems to portary otherwise.

It's slow pace may not be suitable for those who want eye candy and
instant gratification.

Very nice movie by Laurent Cantet which you should not miss.
My rating [0n a scale of 10]: 5

Tous Les Matins Du Monde (French)
Love defies death and lingers on and grows for the hero, Saint Colombe whose
other obsession is his music. There is excellent music especially if you like
cello. Despite the bulky Depardeau the movie is very nice. If you get a chance
don't miss this movie.
My rating [On a scle of 10]: 4

In No Man's Land (Serbo-Croatian)
Quite a quiet masterpiece by Danis Tanovic.
It does a good job of dissecting a conflict, and portrays how political solutions to conflicts
are dished out to unsuspecting public and the media.
This is a must see movie.
My rating[On a scale of 10]: 7

Choosing the first item from a comma separated list in an Excel Cell

Excel spread sheet cells have text items separated by commas as in:
A1: abcd,efgh,iu0

These entries may be due to bad entry practices.
It is required to clean entry to retain only one item, the first
item in the comma separated list which may be pasted into another cell.

This VBA code picks the first item from a comma separated list
in cell A10.
Sub combine()
Dim rng As Range
Set rng = Range("A10")
Dim strg As String
strg = rng.Value
Dim txt As String
txt = fsrch(strg)
Dim txt1 As String
txt1 = fitem(txt, strg)
'MsgBox (txt1)
End Sub
Function fsrch(x) As String
fsrch = InStr(1, x, ",")
End Function
Function fitem(x1, x2) As String
fitem = Left(x2, x1 - 1)
End Function

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Release of July 2006 Tutorials

List of July 2006 Tutorials.

Highly relevant and focused articles that you must read. Oracle 10G XE, Sun Java Studio Creator, SQL Anywhere, SQL 2005 Server are great products for the evolving future, read and find out how you may leverage them.

Displaying Oracle 10G XE table with Visual Basic 6.0
Oracle 10G XE User Management 101
Copying a table from Oracle 10G XE to SQL 2000 Server using DTS

ADO's Stream Object
Opening a Record Object referencing an open Recordset Object
Displaying ADO retrieved data with XML Islands

Charting with MS Chart Control - the basics
Creating a chart using Data from a Database with MS Chart Control

Connecting to SQL 2005 Server from the Java Studio Creator

Download a Web Page using the WebClient

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The Dog Busters

China, where every dog had its final day!

Chinese get rid of 50,000 dogs in 5 days [Associated Press, Aug 1, 2006]. It appears that the owners were given 63 cents if they destroyed the dogs themselves. How did they come up with this number? Perhaps that is the limit of their budget.

I am not a great dog fan, bitten twice once in Australia and once in Brazil. In both cases, the animals bit me because they were maltreated by their owners or others. But still I think the Chinese over reacted.

In Western countries dogs are pampered, and in the east they are mostly neglected (this is coming from my Indian background). They are stray dogs; stay & live on the streets. Quite often you find them sleeping on their favorite manhole cover, or a little patch of their choice municipal gutter. They do seek human company. I used to be followed by a dog till I reached home everyday returning from school.

I am sure rabies must be quite common in India as well. In Bangalore, where I come from, you can find stray dogs everywhere. My brother is regularly attacked by dogs when he rides his scooter. The municipal dog catchers do come once in a while and catch them. But I do not know what happens thereafter. I believe they have some kind of a dog pound. Only recently human beings are appreciated for their economic potential and getting recognized. The dog, if it can show its potential will have its day.

All this does not mean that there are no dog lovers in India. It's just that there aren’t enough of them to take care of all these strays. We do have an active SPCA in all cities and towns. Protection Status