Sunday, April 29, 2018

ODBC Connectivity to SQLite Databases

ODBC is a easy way to connect to a database assuming an ODBC driver exists. There are ODBC drivers for SQLite available depending on the OS you are using.

Please go to this site  to download your ODBC driver for SQLite.

The current version are as described in my previous post. Download the one appropriate for you use:


I downloaded the one shown here,


You double click the executable show above to begin the installation.

Follow the wizard. Here are some screens shown for your guidance.



I chose the default folder.


As you may know Windows OS has two ODBC Data Source (x32) and (x64). You can verify that you find the driver in the (x64) version as shown here:


Now you start using SQLite.

In the Install directory (in my case: C:\Program Files\SQLite ODBC Driver for Win64), you can find the ODBC Drivers for two versions,
SQLite 2.8.17 
SQLite 3.22.0 .

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