Friday, March 02, 2018

Pivot control to navigate pages in a Universal Windows Platform app

Pivot control with its tabs helps you in navigating between items which can be content panes. Each item has a header to provide the text for the tab. The Pivot has a title and is the container of PivotItems.

The following 3 images show the navigation between three items.

In this app, the Pivot title is: Navigating with Pivot. The first PivotItem header is 'Home', the second PivotItem's header reads 'English' and the third PivotItem's header is 'Spanish'.

I have some text in English in the PivotItem with header 'English' and similarly a translation of the English text to Spanish in the PivotItem for Spanish. You can go from one page to the other easily. The images are from a deployment to a Lumia 950 phone.

Home is the first PivotItem in the app:

 Now navigated to English

Now navigated to the 'Spanish'

Now the code is very simple and uses only XAML statements

Here is the MainPage.xaml:

Note: Although this page does not throw an error. It builds, deploys and runs without an error but the Hyperlink in the first PivotItem is not active, although showing up as a hyperlink (underline and all!).
I am checking on this one. It is interesting to note that Hyperlink is not a control in the XAML tool set.

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