Friday, February 23, 2018

Which Mobile Emulator would you use for testing your UWP App?

This is not always clear.

It took a while to figure out this thing. I had Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.5.4 and ran into some design time problems as described in my post.

Following this question taking a suggestion from Stack Overflow, I installed Visual Studio 2017 15.5.6 skipping the suggested 15.5.5. It did help me to avoid the design time problem for a UWP project I was working on. I also updated it to version 15.5.7.

When I tried to view my app on an emulator, I did not find an emulator having used the latest version of Visual Studio in the deployment configuration. . Earlier I did not have this is problem before the upgrade.

Every time , I try to use an emulator to look at my app, I am lead to a Microsoft site for downloading an emulator.

According to UWP Forum on MSDN, there is no hard and fast rule for, 'What emulator with What version of Visual Studio 2017'. It is more to do with the version you are targeting and the build.

You can find this kind of information (you may have agreed for some target version while creating a project, but you can change later, if you need to) in the Project Properties page as shown.

These are the options on my computer.

If you try to change the version (using the drop-down menu, you get this message.


The project reloads.

Another question that pops up answering the question in the title, is there a emulator running?  This is answered by looking up the Hyper-V Manager and turning on the desired emulator.


The emulator is on but the deployment fails.

Now I change the target back to the older version.


The project reloads.

Now I build and deploy to the same, previous emulator, 10.1.14393.0 1080p 6"
Now it deploys to the 6" emulator as shown. The JRelative app is displayed at the top.


Note: When the emulator is up and running the deployment is faster. It is a productive practice as the OS to start in the emulator takes a tediously long processing time. Another useful tip is keep the Hyper-V manager while developing apps and you need to use an emulator.

I turn off the 6" emulator and turn-on the 5". The next image shows the app deployed to Mobile Emulator 10.1.15254.0 720p 5" 1GB

This comes down to the result that there is no emulator for the OS build version 16299.

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