Friday, February 09, 2018

LoRaWan protocol for IOT

LoRaWan is a long range RF protocol that helps connect 'things' (IoT) to the Internet over a long range. It's main advantages are:

  • It is Open Source and not tied to a vendor
  • It is battery efficient-very low power consumption
  • It is long range.

Battery life is something like 5 years(Wow!). It is Open Standard and uses the unlicensed spectrum as part of the Industrial, Scientific and Medical(ISM) RF band (868 MHz). In US the 925 MHz is used. The Open Standard is governed by the LoRa alliance, an Industry group with 500 or more members (Microchip, Cisco, Softbank, etc).

There is a round the world following for this technology including Comcast, Orange, SK Telecom, etc.
Download LoRa specs from here:

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