Thursday, January 11, 2018

Case for learning to code for Universal Windows Platform projects

In my previous post I described about Universal Windows Platform Projects (UWP). UWP's are for all Windows device family and not just one specific device. This  means there is a lot to gain by learning UWP.

There are indications that Windows 10 Mobile may revive with another avatar and one OS for all devices may eventually result in a 'phone' with Windows OS.

There are in fact various Microsoft Windows based Mobile devices although their market share is nothing to brag about.

This is what Satya Nadella said,

"…we have to be on the hunt for what's the next bend in the curve. That's what…anyone has to do to be relevant in the future…We're doing that with our innovation in Windows. We're doing that with features like Continuum. Even the phone, I just don't want to build another phone, a copycat phone operating system, even."

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