Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Developing mobile apps, check out

It is a cloud based mobile app developer platform with full back-end support. You can build both hybrid as well as web apps with API support. The apps (iOS / Android) run in the browser using's visual App Builder.

Apps built using communicate with server / back-end that consists of:

Server code
API Express- a tool exposing enterprise databases such as SQL Servers via REST APIs
Support sending push notifications.

Before installing on the device you can even test using the Tester app.

This video shows platform features:

There is free trial you may want to sign up. Once signed in you will have a dashboard which has all of these:

    Server Code
    API Express

Here are some example apps (covers most of the common ones you may be interested in) that you may want to peruse before working on your own.

    Weather API and Geo-location App.
    Ionic Components Example.
    Clickable List App.
    Create-Read-Update-Delete App.
    Todo App.
    Login-Registration App.
    Picture Upload App.
    Charts App.
    Email with SendGrid.
    SMS with Twilio.
    Email with Mailgun.
    OAuth Login with Google App.
    Stripe Payment App.
    Facebook App.
    PayPal App.
    Barcode Scanner with Database App.

Well, to test it out is free and it does not hurt. Why not test drive and see for yourself.

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