Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tour of Munich, Budapest, Vienna, Prague and Salzburg - 6

You may get to a place fast if you fly (in most cases), but traveling by bus is a great option as you can see the changing landscape, the rivers and valleys, the people and their costumes, etc. We traveled by bus and the ride was long but it was worthwhile. Our tour director took us out to introduce the city of Prague. We stayed at the NH Prague Hotel near the metro station ANDEL (about 500 meters away).

One of the things that happens when you cross country boundaries is the currency related issues. At this point both Germany and Czech Republic accepted Euros but some of the Prague businesses used strictly Korunas [Czech crown (koruna), abbreviated as , with the international abbreviation CZK].  Our tour director advised us to change as little as possible to Korunas as its usability in other European cities was limited.

I saw a number of shops selling alcohol and liqueurs and strangely Absinthe appears to be a popular drink as I saw a large number of shops displaying absinthe prominently.

Here is a video of our bus travel from Vienna to Prague, the Day 8 our tour.

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