Wednesday, August 03, 2016

IFTTT and the IoT - 2

IFTTT and the IoT - 2

In my previous post I wrote about IFTTT as it is a cool interface whiich you can use without too much of a sweat or equivalently without any coding.

IFTTT stands for the conditional statement "If this then that'. It is a web based service with a simple workflow. Flow of work (action, that) is created by a trigger based on a condition(this), like say,'If it rains take the umbrella'. This service was provided in some cases, such as the various financial services that you could get an email if your chosen stock price reached a new high, etc. They were called alerts and they are also used by banks and credit card companies.

As most of our actions and those of the 'Internet of Things' are condition-based, IFTTT is expected to grow and expand deep into IOT.

What IFTTT has done to simplify this process is by offering a web interface to set up triggers and take appropriate actions. Both the trigger and the actions that follow the trigger have their own channel and every IFTTT recipe is tied into these channels.

Since my first post on this (, I wrote a few more posts to elaborate and since it is already a year or more ago after my first post, I revisited and was quite thrilled that lot more has been added to the list of things you can do.

In my recent visit to IFTTT site, I see a lot more IoT and Skype related recipes.

Here is a piece from Connected Homes


Amazon's Alexa is Number 1 TopChef when it comes to creating IFTTT recipes and here are few from Amazon.


Microsoft's Office Integration with IFTTT was described in an earlier post. Here are few of the many recipes using Skype.


You are motivated as to its utility, go visit the page.

IFTTT or (Microsoft) took notice of my rant in my previous post and added a bunch of OneDrive related recipes.

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