Friday, July 22, 2016

Latest Windows 10 Build is 14393 that took an awful 5 hrs and 39 minutes to finish

I am in the Windows 10 insider program and I get updates as and when they become available for preview. This time it was build 14393 and it really tested my patience and more than once I was tempted to pull the plug and work with an earlier version.

This updating the version should not take this long and should be reduced. I have a pretty fast internet connection, perhaps it is the WI-FI link. Even so, 5:30 Hrs.!
Amazon Assitant Extension is new in this version, but does it worth 5:30 hrs:

Here are some builds and the extesions/features added:
Amazon Assistant Extension             Build 14390
Evernote Web Clipper Extension      Build 14372
Office Online Extension                    Build 14366
LastPass Extension                            Build 14361
Download improvement                    Build 14361
Swipe Navigation                              Build 14342
AdBlock, AdBlockPlus, Pinterest     Build 14342
Save to Pocket extensions                 Build 14342

View all extensions here:

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