Sunday, July 03, 2016

Connecting IOT to 4G LTE Network, the Verizon way

If you are interested in IOT, perhaps you should check out this URL. Verizon lays down its plan to connect IOT with the its 4G LTE Network. You can even get started with this at the above mentioned URL.

 In order to use the Wireless Network Services API, you need the SDK which you request here.

Verizon M2M Platform is central to this with the Wireless Network Services (WNS). With this you automate provisioing, monitoring and control of wireless MEM Devices.

It also provides user interfaces backed by an SDK. These are the,
Unified Web Servies(UWS) SDK and the M2M Management Center, a web portal for all monitoring activities.

What kind of devices will be supported?

Verizon-certified IOT development kits and sensors. Some are self-contained with everything and some operate with platforms like Windows, Arduino, Raspberry PI and BeagleBone.

In additions to wired connections there are Wi-Fi, cellular and Low Energy BlueTooth are supported.
Here is a link to the showcase that uses Veriaon M2M Platform.

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