Monday, June 13, 2016

Need more parties in the political arena

Most things have changed in the recent past. Actually the list of things that have changed is endless; communications, transport, all sciences including medicine; medicines for new diseases; banking and finance; and you name it.

What has not changed is the two party rule. Both of them founded more than a century, or more ago (Democratic party founded: 1828, Republican party founded: 1854).

It is time for change, and we should welcome more parties; parties based on ideas that have surfaced in recent election primaries. Both the parties have large number of voters not interested in the most nominated candidates in each party, so why not increase the number of parties?

Existing Democratic Party
Followers of Bernie Sanders
Existing Republican Party
Followers of Donald trump
Libertarian Party

Although this will not work for the 2016 election, it can surely provide a framework for the future.

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