Sunday, May 29, 2016

Google Firebase Mobile Platform

In 2014 Google bought Firebase and got a foot in the real-time database related business. Firebase provided the real-time database back-end.

Firebase database besides being real-time, is secure, cloud hosted. It  is a No-SQL database and has login service accessible via REST API with login service.

Google has built the mobile platform that includes Firebase real-time database. Presently Firebase is Google's mobile platform for developing high quality apps, grow user base and make money. The following image shows the various components to develop, grow and earn money.


If you are interested you can start here for a free ride:

This will provide you with tools and infrastructure to build better apps. As you see from the image above, Google Firebase Analytics is at the center; a free and unlimited analytics solution.

Start honing your skill here:

You get the 'Spark' grade account which is free. From here you have option to upgrade.

How does Firebase stack up against Azure Mobile platform? Right now we cannot compare them as Azure is multi-faceted and a highly developed  platform.

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