Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dataiku Data Science Studio (DSS) now available as image on Microsoft Azure

Dataiku DSS allows data professionals to prototype, build and deploy specific services to transform raw data for Prediction or otherwise.

Once you have the data on Azure you can use DSS's web interface to load and prepare data in a visual interface; analyze and visualize data; and train machine algorithms to model your project. The resulting model can be finally automated to run entire workflow.

The pre-built image is now available on Azure, but you may need to go to the Azure's new portal here,

or get started from here.

Features that you may interested in:
  • Connectivity: Connect to more than 25 data storage systems
  • Data Wrangling: Interactive data cleaning and enrichment
  • Machine Learning: Step-by-step guided machine learning
  • Data Mining : Immediate visual insights
  • Data Visualization: Histogram, maps, scatter plots, heat maps, boxplots, and so much more.
    Easily build visualisations and explore your data with drag and drop functionalities.
    -DSS automatically computes charts on your existing Big Data infrastructure (SQL or Impala) for optimal performance.
  • Data Workflow: Visualize and re-run Workflows
  • Real-time Scoring: Go from design to production, instantaneously

Other features of importance:

Collaboration: Integrated documentation and knowledge sharing
Deployment: Deploy workflows using staged deployment models
Enterprise readiness: Data governance and fine grained data access and integration with Hadoop

Watch this video from Dataiku here:

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