Monday, February 01, 2016

Microsoft's underwater datacenter is cool as cool can be

Microsoft pulls a fast one! Good showing Microsoft.

Project Natick is Microsoft's R&D feasibility project to explore manufacture and operate a underwater. 
  • Hey, you don't look for cooling water, if you can take the salt out.
  • How is latency improved? drop the datacenter at the nearest ocean or lake.
  • Energy efficiency is no brainer considering the environment the datacenter is in.
  • Bring in 3D manufacturing and you can have a datacenter manufactured and deployed in no time at all, no need for expensive land acquisition, licenses, certificates etc.
Microsoft estimates they can deploy a datacenter within 90 days of signing. That's quite a feat!

Go here and see what Microsoft has got to say about this.

The video shows the dropping of the datacenter into the ocean.

More details here and here.

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