Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub goes GA

With Azure IoT hub which became generally available(GA) you can be assured of reliable bi-di communication; connect to millions of assets; can operate with wide range of OSs and protocols and of course guaranteed to be secure. Azure IoT hub provides a complete set of services such as connecting, provisioning; monitoring and updating.


If you are looking for getting a good handle may be you should start with this tutorial. You do not need to have a device, but you will get the hang of it using a simulated device. The tutorial is well structured and clearly delineated. You have a choice of programming help, C#, Java or Node.JS.
  • Create an IOT Hub
  • Create a device Identity
  • Get or receive messages sent by device to cloud
  • Create a simulated device app
  • Run applications
Watch this video targeted for developers:

Azure IOT Hub documentation is here.

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