Monday, February 15, 2016

This is a scam don't call the number in the alert

Yes, it very much looks like a scam. I allowed a comment on my blog while using Microsoft Edge and this problem showed up. The page shows up with this message:

Once this message comes, none of the other pages are reachable.
Steps I took:
Reported the comment on my blog ass scam.
Used the Task Manager to close Microsoft Edge.
Deleted browsing history and cookies.

Right now the Firefox is working. I read that this infects Chrome and Firefox as well. A remedy has been recommended (on the Internet)  to close all programs and hard boot. I will try it next.
Unfortunately you cannot rely on Windows Defender as it does not tell what the problem is.

Notes added: 1:45 PM Hawaii
The problem continues with Microsoft Edge. This post is written on Firefox. Adding the offending site to the Restricted sites did not help the problem.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Microsoft as Wireless Connectivity Service Provider

Microsoft Wi-Fi is a wireless connectivity service that allows you to have Internet access via Wi-Fi. It is only available for Windows 10 and you need to download a free app if it is not already on your device. Get it from here:

I had this app already but the Wi-Fi service is not available from my current location(home).


Connection is not free and you should get it from a Windows store in your country. You can buy the amount of Wi-Fi access you need when you are at any of these places:

Conference Center
Any location that has Microsoft Wi-Fi

I think this is a nice service. If you browse the list of Wi-Fi connections available you will see a network with the lable,'Buy WiFi from Windows Store". From there you select the amount of WiFi you need.

Here is the Service description(from the Terms of Use document):
"After you select a Service plan and buy it, you will be connected automatically whenever you’re near an access point that provides the Service (and is within the country in which you originally purchased the Service plan) and you have time remaining on your plan. Your connectivity begins immediately after you buy a Service plan through the Windows Store and ends at the specified expiration time, regardless of how long you are actually connected to the Service. You cannot save time for later. You must actively maintain your connection and you must be within range of an access point that provides the Service in order to stay connected. If (i) your usage remains on standby; (ii) your usage is inactive; (iii) or your Service plan has expired, your connection may be terminated. Microsoft reserves the right to terminate your connection following any extended period of inactivity."

Also look up:
FREE TWC WiFi ® Hotspots
with Extreme and Above

Also check up:
This together with Skype should make it a very useful service.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

SQL Server 2014 Report Builder 3 may have a problem

This problem surfaced while installing SQL Server 2104 Report Builder on a Windows 10 (x64) Pro machine which has a SQL Server 2014 (x64) Developer Edition installed and a properly configured Report Server.

The Report Builder software was downloaded from this Microsoft Site:


Double clicking the downloaded MSI file above started the installation. The program looks for a target report server and it was provided as shown:


The Report Server and the Report Manager both do not have any problem. However this ends up with an unsuccesful installation with this message:


The work around for this is to not provide a target report server and ccontinue with the installation. The installation succeeds this time. After a little while an gets added to the All Icons group as shown.


Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub goes GA

With Azure IoT hub which became generally available(GA) you can be assured of reliable bi-di communication; connect to millions of assets; can operate with wide range of OSs and protocols and of course guaranteed to be secure. Azure IoT hub provides a complete set of services such as connecting, provisioning; monitoring and updating.


If you are looking for getting a good handle may be you should start with this tutorial. You do not need to have a device, but you will get the hang of it using a simulated device. The tutorial is well structured and clearly delineated. You have a choice of programming help, C#, Java or Node.JS.
  • Create an IOT Hub
  • Create a device Identity
  • Get or receive messages sent by device to cloud
  • Create a simulated device app
  • Run applications
Watch this video targeted for developers:

Azure IOT Hub documentation is here.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Microsoft's underwater datacenter is cool as cool can be

Microsoft pulls a fast one! Good showing Microsoft.

Project Natick is Microsoft's R&D feasibility project to explore manufacture and operate a underwater. 
  • Hey, you don't look for cooling water, if you can take the salt out.
  • How is latency improved? drop the datacenter at the nearest ocean or lake.
  • Energy efficiency is no brainer considering the environment the datacenter is in.
  • Bring in 3D manufacturing and you can have a datacenter manufactured and deployed in no time at all, no need for expensive land acquisition, licenses, certificates etc.
Microsoft estimates they can deploy a datacenter within 90 days of signing. That's quite a feat!

Go here and see what Microsoft has got to say about this.

The video shows the dropping of the datacenter into the ocean.

More details here and here. Protection Status