Saturday, January 16, 2016

Microsoft's R Server Developer Edition is FREE

Data is dead long live analytics.

Analytics will be the beacon to follow by all enterprises in the future. Having mere data and not being able to act on it is something that everyone will rush to avoid. R language, a language meant for statisticss and analytics will be one of the most sought after skills in the near future.

Microsoft has thrown in a lot to be at the forefront, not only acquiring the Revolution Analytics Company but also making it one of the prime features of SQL Server 2016.

Microsoft will be rebranding Revolution Enterprise for Hadoop, Linux and Tera data as R Server.
If you are interested in this growing technology area you could jump start downloading the R Server Developer Edition which is free (as free can be). It's just like all the other developer's stuff, has all the features of enterprise but not production worthy.

Also Revolution R Open has been rebranded as Microsoft R Open which is also free. For those who are already using MicrosoftData Science Virtual will have a preinstalled R Server. It is not a stretch that R Server will be on Azure as well for machine learning and IOT.

Download R Server here.

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Students following an acdemic course will be benefitted with the Microsoft DreamSpark Program .

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