Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Get a grip on your data with JetBrain's DataGrip

DataGrip is an integrated IDE for all of your data needs.

DataGrip is the multi-engine database environment that supports the following:

 Microsoft SQL Server
 Oracle, Sybase
 Apache Derby

JDBC driver is necessary to connect to your database management system. For listed database engines DataGrip provides database introspection and various instruments for creating and modifying objects.

Main features:

It provides folders for the objects grouped by schemas
Navigation to any object is easy by entering database/table or procedure name
Table editor is powerful supported by text search
Intelligent coding assistance with code completion; code generation; renaming objects; code analysis with fixes; smart text editor; and support customizing appearance
Querying with query console; diff viewer; parametrized queries
Database diagramming; CSV editor
Supports version control for Git, SVN, Mercurial, and many others

Here is a video which provides mode insight:

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