Sunday, December 06, 2015

Wirepas: Internet of Things (Networks) with limitless scalability

That is correct PINO from Wirepas is the Internet of Things.  PINO is fully automatic, multi-hop mesh IOT platform. Nodes of PINO are the network. All optimization is by the node.
It is also scalable and can handle couple of million nodes.

Get your product brief here:

Here is a summary of the above brief:

Fully automatic operation 
Ultra low power, even routers  can be battery-powered
Extreme robustness
Limitless scalability
HW independence

ƒSmart metering ƒ
Smart grid ƒ
Smart cities
ƒTraffic control ƒ
Telemetry ƒ
Wireless sensors ƒ
Environmental sensors
ƒHealth monitors
Industrial measurements & control ƒ
Home automation  & security
ƒWireless lighting control ƒ
Waste management

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