Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Cumulocity is IoT Ready, go for it

 The keywords for this IOT company are Connect, Manage, Extend and do more things. In order to have wide applicability you can connect anything over any network.
Connect at Cumulocity has the following features:
  • Connect out-of-the box to more than 30 usable certified devices (whole list is here, but I could only recognize, Raspberry and a Arduino variant). Looks like it is heavy on LINUX and JAVA-based but I may be missing the others) 
  • More than 10 embedded environments supported
  • RestAPIs for any connected device

Connect Over any network

  •     Runs on all networks, mobile or fixed.
  •     No need to open your firewalls.
  •     No need to purchase additional VPN services.
  •     Reduce your mobile traffic using SmartREST by 80% over other HTTP APIs.

While connecting is the first step, managing the connected items has top priority.
Cumulocity can,
  • Store and Manage all your data- Store, search and track all assets, devices, configs, measurements,etc
  • Control assets in real-time securely from anywhere
  • Keep everything online; monitor device availability, monitor/control SLA violations, etc

Extending is important as you may need tailor to your needs.
  • With Cumulocity you can fashion your own IoT in minutes using the Cumulocity Application Builder mashing it up with your business rules.
  • Extend by plugging-in your own devices
  • Add real-world capabilities to your data

  • Cumulocity has the  most modern web interface (speed and responsive) and supports tablets and smartphones right away.
  • Cumulocity is enterprise-ready: users, groups, permissions; audit security related events etc

Want to try for free, no problem.
Look at all these happy customers.

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