Monday, November 09, 2015

BlackBerry reentering the playing field

On-screen keyboards are OK, but hardware keyboards are better freeing most of the screen and eliminating hide and seek of parts of the page.  BlackBerry Priv is the only smart phone with a decent keyboard.

It has the QWERTY keyboard that you can slide out/in that you may not find in other smart phones. Camera appears very nice as well as the 4K video. No finger print reader but perhaps for the average user it is immaterial. Being an Android phone it can play all the zillion useful/useless apps on the market. Black Berry thinks, it seems, this version is 'Black Berry's do or die phone'. It is very pricey at $699.00. Verizon appears to be one of the carriers.

Do not miss some performance details on this video.
Do not miss some performance details on this video.

The videos are scaled versions of YouTube videos.

Here are highlights noted form the verge site:

  • Android customization is good
  • It still has some bugs -app freezing and tap recognition
  • Good hardware design
  • QWERTY keyboard is good- frees up display removing the virtual Keyboard
  • Software has good points-Especially the DTEK software, does a better Search job
  • 18 MP camera is really good- but really slow
  • Has very neat keyboard shortcuts -Utility oriented
  • Expensive for a Android phone -should we blame Android Software?
  • The name 'PRIV' stands for something smart and dumb- I do not agree if 'lollipop' is OK for an OS why not 'PRIV'

Read the full article on the verge site to get the full details.

More detail here:

The full specs from Android Central here:

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