Saturday, October 24, 2015

Whose property is data in the Cloud?

The recent gains by the cloud vendors may soon evaporate into unimaginable losses if this question is not properly tackled. Going forward investors may want to take a wait and see attitude.

I am a citizen of country X, can country Y ask to look into my data for whatever reason? just because it is on a physical server in country Y. Data on the cloud is geographically dispersed in several countries and I could have my data on several data centers around the world.

This question is easy enough to answer. If I placed the data on the cloud it belongs to me.  This should absolve the cloud services answering requests from national entities. The best place is to go to the client who owns the data. What if they cannot ask the question to the owner of the data forever reason?

The central question is:

"Is privacy a fundamental human right?"

Much of the gains in cloud business would depend on how this question is going to be handled.

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