Saturday, October 24, 2015

Should you exchange your General Electric (GE) stocks to Synchrony Financial(SYF)?

GE received approval  to spin-off its consumer financial operations by exiting from its store credit card business, Synchrony Financial.

What it means is that you can exchange (General Electric) GE stocks to (Synchrony Financial) SYF stocks. As it stands presently you can buy with $100 worth of GE stocks something like $107.53 worth of SYF.

The offer is set to expire on November 16.

Details of this exchange can be viewed here on a daily basis till the conclusion.

I have a small number of GE stocks and probably it does not make much difference one way or the other.

  • GE is a much larger company with a long history.
  • GE also pays dividends while Synchrony Financial presently does not. Of course dividend is only one part of the equation.
  • After the conclusion of Exchange GE may soar.
Presently I am thinking of keeping my GE stocks, but it may change before November 16. What do you think?

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