Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Riak TS and Internet of Things

Riak TS is focused to handle time series application needs. It can do fast read/write to IOT devices, there in is its strength. It also targets financial and economics data as well as in scientific research applications.

This is straight from Riak TS:
"Riak TS automatically co-locates, replicates, and distributes data across the cluster to achieve fast performance and high availability. The unique master-less architecture enables near-linear scale using commodity hardware so you can easily add capacity as your time series data grows.
Here is a claimed benefits of using Riak_TS from their PDF datasheet here.

This is again from Riak TS's PDF documents regarding their NoSQL database and the Basho platform.  "Basho Riak® TS is a distributed NoSQL database. Its key/ value architecture is optimized for fast reads and writes of time series data. Riak TS provides high availability, massive scalability, and can be operationalized at lower costs than traditional relational databases while being easy to manage at scale. Riak TS is integrated with Basho Data Platform (BDP), which includes support for Apache™ Spark (in-memory analytics), Redis (caching), and Apache™ Solr (distributed search queries"

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