Thursday, October 29, 2015

Really, should you go for just electric cars?

You may not be seeing hydrogen powered vehicles on the roads yet, but they are sure to be here starting this year. I am an electric engineer and I have no quarrel with battery driven vehicles but I think hydrogen is the way to go. It is way, way cleaner. Did anyone speak of chemicals used in batteries; disposal of used batteries; cost of building facilities, etc. Hydrogen fueled cars are much better and you will see a lot of traction in the coming years.

Toyota started the ball rolling and already there is quite a bit of traction in Japan and soon it will be everywhere with most manufacturers joining the bandwagon (well who wants to be left out). Now quite a few have come up with their own concepts, models, whatever.

Watch this video of Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell car at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015.

This one from Honda:

If you need to know how much better car will be with hydrogen power read the following:

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