Friday, October 16, 2015

Get the free Oracle SQL Developer 4.1.1 and develop

This is a great tool and has evolved a lot. The last time I wrote about this was in May 2014 when the version was 4.0.2. If you have not worked with this tool, please access and search. If you need information on previous versions you can access my previous posts here;

You may download this free tool from here: (383.6MB)

This free tool will allow you a complete end-to-end development of PL/SQL applications. It has worksheet to run queries and SQL scripts. A DBA console with reports; data modelling and data migration tools.

In order to run SQL Developer Tool you need Java SDK8.

You can get it from here:
You choose the OS version, herein Windows 7 Ultimate  x32bit
jdk-8u60-windows-i586.exe is the download for this Windows x32

Double click to install.

In this edition of Oracle SQL Developer you can not only connect to relational database management systems but can also connect to Oracle NoSQL and the Cloud.

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