Thursday, September 03, 2015

Trump makes a good point

I am not political in the sense that I am not aligned to any one party. I do believe in a democracy with multiple parties although it may amount to delays in taking decisions. I basically do not favor a two party system and it will be healthy to have multiple parties.

I was listening to Trump this morning  and there was an unmistakable piece of logic in what he was saying. It reminded what my father was saying about getting help. If someone gives you, say $100 be sure he will be expecting $100 plus more from you. Nothing is free. If you are financed by vested interests they are expecting you to pay back in favors.

Trump can say that since he has the resources and probably he does not need money.

Since I like multiple parties to have voice, I am disappointed with him going under the shade of the Republican umbrella. I suppose that is political reality.

Here are some of the pictures from the TV if you missed the press conference. Each picture shows the highpoint of the conference speech.


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